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Silas is cast?


Da Vinci Code book cover As Dan Brown's highly controversial novel THE DA VINCI CODE gets closer and closer to becoming a summer blockbuster under director Ron Howard, the cast is slowly coming together. Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and Jean Reno had previously been announced as principal characters' Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveu and Bezu Fache respectively. Most recently, though, The Guardian has thrown a casting announcement into the mix. They're claiming that Christopher Ecclestone, who previously decided to step down as Dr. Who in the revived series, may be playing the albino Opus Dei assassin Silas, who's hot on the trail of Langdon and Neveu. Apparently, the producers saw Ecclestone in Dr. Who and damn near blew a load, mentioning that "he would be brilliant as Silas." However, Ecclestone is currently "mulling it over". Dude, what's there to mull over? This is a guaranteed blockbuster! So what if you might be typecast as a homicidal albino? We're talking major bank here!

I don't know much about this Ecclestone guy but, from the picture below, he certainly looks like a homicidal killer. Slap on some white make-up and some freaky Opus Dei rituals and I can definitely see Silas. Actually, I'm getting a little creeped out just by that picture. To read more about the casting, head on over HERE.

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Source: Film Guardian



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