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Cage as Ghost Rider


Most of you know that Nicolas Cage is such a huge fan of GHOST RIDER that he a has a tattoo of the fiery head vigilante on his arm. An interesting little tidbit I just read from director of the feature RIDER adaptation Mark Steven Johnson (DAREDEVIL) is that they have to cover the tattoo during filming (which is currently underway in Australia). There's no point to me bringing that up. I just thought it was funny that he had to, as Johnson puts it, "cover Ghost Rider so he can play Ghost Rider".

So we've seen a picture of Ghost Rider's Hellcycle and now the first pic of Cage as Ghost Rider recently premiered over at USA Today. I don't know if it's the hair cut, the lack of facial hair or the teen pop star highlights but he looks young and cool. Check it out below.

Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider news article pic

Source: USA Today



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