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The Rebel Hottie: Avril Lavigne has joined the voice cast for the film adaptation of OVER THE HEDGE, a Syndicated cartoon about a gluttonous raccoon, a lovelorn turtle, and their life in suburbia. Others rumored to be part of the cast are Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling, Tim Matheson, William Shatner, Steve Carrell, Gene Wilder, Wanda Sykes, and Eugene Levy.

The American Idol Hottie: According to sources, actress/model Ashley Hartman is up for the role as Ariel Darkchylde in DARKCHYLDE. Ashley is the former American Idol loser that has made the best out of her fifteen minutes by appearing on television's The O.C., and Quintuplets.

The Baby Fat Hottie: Michelle Williams has apparently been knocked up by Australian super-hunk, Heath Ledger. It's just a rumor at the moment but I think...... whatever, here's a picture.

The "Sounds Like Crank" Hottie: Hilarly Swank and Chad Lowe have developed a new game show for the AMC cable network called Celebrity Charades. Each episode will feature two teams of 10 celebrities competing against each other in a game of movie-themed charades. Celebrities slated to participate on the show so far include Bebe Neuwirth, Hank Azaria, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Rosie Perez.

The Flexible Hottie: I know we already did a story on Sarah Jessica Parker this week but I thought you deserved another look at her talents.



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