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George Lucas news article pic George Lucas recently sat down with Hollywood.com and was surprisingly open about his upcoming projects. He talked about the STAR WARS tv series' that are in the works but he also talked about the status of INDIANA JONES 4 and some other project about African-American pilots during World War II that he's been trying to get done for fifteen years. Part of the interview is below. Click HERE for the rest of the interview. The one thing I found interesting was Lucas saying "we're frantically trying to finish it" when asked about Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS. We're trying to finish it? What's with the "we", Georgie? Is there something you not telling us? It doesn't bother me. I just find it interesting, is all.

And what's the status of the new Indiana Jones?
Lucas: "I talked to Steven while I was in Hawaii, and he said the script is done and he was going to send it to me when I got back, which was yesterday. It isn't on my desk today and he's coming up tomorrow to see Star Wars, so I assume he'll bring it with him."

You guys do well when you collaborate in Hawaii. Things tend to work out there.
Lucas: "Yeah. We're frantically trying to finish War of the Worlds at the same time. We'll see. I look forward to reading it and seeing if it's what we laid out in the first place. You never know."

Is there anything we can reveal about it?
Lucas: "It's...um...No."

You had an idea of what was planned before they wrote the script?
Lucas: "Oh yeah. I came up with this idea doing Young Indy, which has got to be about seven or eight years ago, and we've been through a number of scripts--six or eight scripts. Six scripts, two rewrites. So it's been down the path. There were certain aspects of it that Steven and Harrison [Ford] didn't like, and so we changed those, and then we laid out a version and it didn't come out the way it was supposed to, and then we did another version and it didn't come out, so we've just been going through this development hell, which happens once in a while. We'll see. When it comes out, it'll be different. Different, but the same."

And Harrison's staying in shape all this time, right, in case he has to take his shirt off?
Lucas: "No, he's plays an older person in this."

Is it true that there may be a younger person in this, poised to take over?
Lucas: "It's possible. Not really to take over."

Full interview is over HERE

Source: Hollywood.com



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