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There is a God...!!!

I'm happy to report that yet another half-assed, bullshit sequel tanked at the box-office this weekend, which along with the great disappointments of SON OF THE MASK, THE RING TWO and MISS CONGENIALITY 2 (three other obvious crappy rehashes created solely for the purposes of printing more money), as well as the "so-so" performances of both BE COOL and BEAUTY SHOP, bodes well in terms of the studios finally having to force themselves to "see the light" and realize that banging out sequels for the sake of banging out sequels, just isn't the way to go anymore. Congrats to all REAL MOVIE FANS out there, who are staying away from these empty vehicles, so that Hollywood might eventually come around, and get back to creating more "original" flicks over the next few years.

The shitty movie in question this weekend was XXX: STATE OF THE UNION, which besides the bad reviews, apparently couldn't even fool the younger dudes into wasting their stash on it. On the positive front, a creative movie, THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, opened in the #1 spot with close to $22M in receipts. Nobody is sure how that film will hold in its second weekend in seven days, but for now, it looks good (it could be that the film's "fanboy" legions stormed to see it this weekend, and it drops majorly next week).

Another solid film, THE INTERPRETER, held on strong in its second week, with only a 35% drop from last week, and another $14M added to its coffers. It's earned $44M in its first 10 days. THE AMITYVILLE HORROR is also surprisingly holding on strong, in 4th spot, with another $8M added to its total, which is now at $55M. The rest of the top 10 is a lot like last week, only SIN CITY finally dropped out of the top 10, right after it hit its total of $70M.

Next week sees the addition of 2 pretty big movies, the first being yet another horror remake in HOUSE OF WAX starring the lovely Elisha Cuthbert and the idiotic Paris Hilton, and the second being the return of director Ridley Scott to the world of men with swords in KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, a film which I personally think will tank...big-time. I actually hope that I am wrong, because I love Ridley Scott, but the film just looks way too redundant of so many other movies and Orlando Bloom as the lead? Meh. The smaller CRASH will also be opening in 1700 theaters.

1. The Hitchhiker's... $ 21.7 Million
2. The Interpreter $ 14.2 Million $4 3.6 Million
3. XXX: State of the... $ 13.7 Million
4. The Amityville Horror $ 8.1 Million $ 55.1 Million
5. Sahara $ 6 Million $ 57.2 Million
6. A Lot Like Love $ 5.2 Million $ 14.7 Million
7. Kung Fu Hustle $ 3.8 Million $ 13.2 Million
8. Fever Pitch $ 3.8 Million $ 36.5 Million
9. Robots $ 2.7 Million $ 123.7 Million
10. Guess Who $ 2.2 Million $ 65.5 Million


Source: Box Office Mojo



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