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From the creators of CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH comes DISASTER!, a clay-animation spoof of big-budget disaster movies hitting theaters this fall. I guess if you didn't think that TEAM AMERICA was raunchy enough for ya...these folks are putting a bit of mustard on the whole thing, with plenty of T&A for the kids to boot. How serious is the film? Tagline: "In space, no one can hear you fart."

Click on the pics below for an exclusive clip cut by the director for JoBlo.com and its readers. It's a good time. You can also find the film's synopsis below and did I mention the cameo by Motley Crue? Check out the film's OFFICIAL SITE for clips and other such stuff (do so quickly, as the site's intro includes a nude clip, which might not be there for too much longer). Enjoy!

In this spoof of big-budget disaster films, a killer planetoid threatens the Earth. To combat this threat, the government turns to vulcanoligist Harry Bottoms. He assembles a crack team of disaster specialists consisting of his estranged daughter Sandy Mellons, V.D. Johnson, Hanukah Jonze (the "Nucular Physician") and Donkey Dixon (the Deepcore Driller). Together with a NASA flight crew and a flatulent French astronaut, our heroes face numerous, preposterous complications, including the hazardous gas passed by Bidet and an angry space monkey who dwells on the planetoid.

R-rated clip
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