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A little Foggy

Hey there kids! My Pain Killing, ass-kicking, Canuck-koo bosses lost their minds and decided to let me take on a set visit for the remake of John Carpenter's THE FOG. Now I wanted to give you a little preview of some of the tastiest nuggets from the trip:

- The flick WILL be rated PG-13.

- There will be a comic book prequel released to support the flick. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but you might be able to check out the cover if you click

- The fog itself will have personality (I know it sounds weird, but director Rupert Wainwright made it sound way cool), and is really the focus of the film.

- Sony is unabashedly attempting to appeal to teenagers, especially girls. Take that for what you will.

- Nevertheless, Wainright seems like a very cool, passionate guy and made me believe his true goal is to make a very scary movie.

- John Carpenter has not been particularly involved in the remake.

- Doorman Mark B. at the Sutton Place Hotel is someone you WANT as your friend when visiting Vancouver.

So there you get some of the early fun stuff that I'm able to dredge out of my jetlagged (dare I say foggy) brain? Expect the FULL SET VISIT to hit the site soon! Did I really just put that pun in my article? Man I need some sleep. More later amigos!



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