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The box-office slump continues for the 11th weekend in a row, as the top 10 movies bring in less money than the top 10 movies from last year, at this same time. Despite its monstrous $150M budget, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN was only able to scrounge up $20M in its opening weekend, and sadly, that was enough to secure the number one spot for the weekend. The 11-week slump ties the all-time record set between July and September of 2000. Cross your fingers, folks and we might just be able to beat that record next week!! (that's sarcasm, of course...it sucks that this is happening, but maybe some good will come out of this, and studios will stop producing crap like XXX: STATE OF THE NATION and SON OF THE MASK from now on).

This was also one of the weakest starts to the "summer movie season", as even last year's VAN HELSING opened with $52M. HEAVEN wasn't the only film to suffer at the box-office, as Paris Hilton and her great ass, only scrounged up $12M for second spot. As predicted, HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE THE GALAXY dropped a whopping 58% to third place, while the weekend's only real "surprise" saw CRASH in fourth spot, despite being shown in less than 2000 theaters (Wow, and it's not even a remake!!!! Who knew).

At this point, I think everyone is just waiting for the weekend of May 19th in order to truly consider this a major problem, as that would be the weekend that a little film about Jedis and "Yodas and shit" is opening. I personally think that the problem is already existing and that any great STAR WARS opening won't change that. The summer slate has to continue to drive the numbers, otherwise, everybody's in trouble.

Next week sees the addition of 4 major films including J-Lo and her fatass (no, I'm not talking about Jane Fonda) in MONSTER-IN-LAW, Val Kilmer's big head and Ladies Love Cool James in MINDHUNTERS, Jet Li looking like he can kick some big-time ass in UNLEASHED and yet another Will Ferrell film, looking "so-so" in my opinion, entitled KICKING AND SCREAMING. The British crime film, LAYER CAKE, will also be opening in limited release.

1. Kingdom of Heaven $ 20 Million
2. House of Wax $ 12.2 Million
3. The Hitchhiker's... $ 9.1 Million $ 35.1 Million
4. Crash $ 9.1 Million
5. The Interpreter $ 7.5 Million $ 54.1 Million
6. XXX: State of the... $ 5.4 Million $ 20.8 Million
7. The Amityville Horror $ 3.2 Million $ 60.1 Million
8. Sahara $ 3.1 Million $ 61.3 Million
9. A Lot Like Love $ 3 Million $ 18.8 Million
10. Fever Pitch $ 2 Million $ 39 Million


Source: Box Office Mojo



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