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I watched an episode of HBO's "Entourage" the other day where Jessica Alba bumps into the show's main character and invites him to a party where she hooks him up with her young hot virgin pop-star friend and I'm thinking to myself "this is so close to when me and my friends hang out." It's like watching a documentary. Why just the other day me and my friends went into Wendy's and we all ordered a number seven. Wait, it gets better. When we sat down, we all realized we all biggie-sized! You see? It's eerie how close they are!

Alba is, of course, one of the four stars of the family of superheroes known as the FANTASTIC FOUR. Superhero Hype recently received four character posters for the titular four. They're pretty good, especially the ones for Alba's Sue Storm aka Invisible Girl and Chris Evan's Johnny Storm aka Human Torch. Click through for the other two posters. The movie opens July 8th.

Fantastic Four character poster Fantastic Four character poster

Source: Superhero Hype



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