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Hawkins is Supergirl?


Jennifer Hawkins news article pic I'm not too big on rumors but when it involves a smoking hottie like Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, I'm willing to make an exception. According to some radio station, which I assume is in Australia since I got the news from Dark Horizons, Hawkins is being tapped to star as the titular character in the big screen adaptation of SUPERGIRL. I didn't even realize there was a SUPERGIRL movie in active development. I've been hearing about an adapation for a few years now but I assumed that just involved one studio executive saying to another "hey, we should do a 'Supergirl' movie," and the other guy replying "yeah, that'd be kinda cool," and then moving on to do other movies until they had that exact same conversation five years later. Is some studio doing it to counter Joss Whedon's WONDER WOMAN adaptation? Who knows but one thing's for sure - Hawkins is mind-numblingly hot. Check out more of her HERE and HERE. Below you'll find who reader Bill thinks should be 'Supergirl'. I like the idea but we can't have Jessica Alba doing every comic book adaptation out there, can we?

Jennifer Hawkins news article pic

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Source: Dark Horizons



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