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Milian has a Pulse


Christina Milian news article pic Christina Milian has joined the cast of the American remake of the Japanese horror thriller PULSE. In the film, which stars Kristen Bell (from UPN's "Veronica Mars"), Ian Somerhalder (from ABC's "Lost") and Rick Gonzales, Milian will play "Bell's best friend, a street-smart party girl who uses the Internet as a dating tool", which I assume means she'll be creatively executed about half-way through the movie. As long as she's not "Bell's bitter enemy, a street-smart party girl who's never been on the internet" because then she'd probably be dead while the opening credits are rolling. Being the best friend guarantees her at least a half of the movie's runtime. The story centers on a group of college kids whose friend pirates a signal that opens a doorway to pure evil. Having once opened a door to pure evil myself, let me tell ya, it ain't pretty.

In a related note, Kristen Bell happens to be disturbingly hot. The producers of "Veronica Mars" are evidently aware of this, as from what I've seen of the show, they manage to dress her up in the most deliciously skimpy outfits. My point is that Bell recently did an interview with Now Playing Magazine about her roll in PULSE and of Mars, she mentioned “I would like to see her plan her future. I would like to see a little more [of an] open Veronica to the rest of the world,” Obviously, she's saying she'd like to see Veronica walk around with a lot less clothes on. To read what she had to say about the movie, though, go HERE.

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