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Weird Science 2?


Okay, so it's not really a sequel to the classic John Hughes movie from the 80s, but it sure sounds like it. Actually, I have no idea if this flick will ever be released in the States (it doesn't seem to have an American studio attached to it at this point), but it's being released around Europe, and anytime the producers of AMERICAN PIE are attached to a project, T&A can't be far away (Eugene Levy is also in the movie). Thankfully for us, the lovely Ali Landry stars in this fluff-piece, whose plot sounds something like this (according to Cyber-Funk.net):

"Gender bending and genetic tinkering are the molecular structure for this cloning comedy. The Kate (Ali Landry) of the title is a shapely, beautiful girl who is accidentally cloned by a geneticist who desires her. Seeing what he can replicate in the body, the doctor tries to amend the brain to make Kate his ideal woman. Strangely enough, he attempts this by making her mind as much like a man's as possible. Comedic mishaps abound as the scientist's male woman proves that the feminine intellect offers an important contrast to that of the male in this send-up of sexual politics."

Word on the street is that Ali does show us her Alis in the film (that's titties, for all you non-JoBlo readers), but she didn't want to show her own, so she actually sat in on some auditions for body-doubles whose boobies would be shown in her place. Wow...how do I get that job?? Landry said, "It was so weird because I sat in this room with the director and producer and these girls came into the room, one after the other, and slowly took all their clothes off. I was so embarrassed I hid my head in a piece of paper - the poor girls must have thought I was a weirdo. After the fourth girl, the director grabbed the piece of paper from me and said, 'These girls are supposed to be your breasts, you've got to make sure they're right.' Some of the breasts were too far apart and some hung to the right, but you know what, after you've seen four or five pairs they all look the same."

Anyway, thanks to Cyber-Funk.net for the head's up and the pics below:

Source: Cyber-Funk.Net
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