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Poster: Ecks vs Sever


Rottentomatoes.com, the coolest all-around movie review compilation site on the Net, and slick dudes in their own right, have received a scoop of the up and coming BALLISTIC: ECKS VS SEVER poster from Warner Bros. BTW, we here at JoBlo.com were lucky enough to check out the exclusive trailer of this flick at this year's SAN DIEGO COMIC CON (coverage of which will start on Wednesday here-- including a panel featuring Lucy Lui, Ray Park and director Kaos discussing ECKS VS SEVER), and it kicked some mighty ass.

In fact, if you're not against those types of things, check out the bootleg copy of the trailer in our MOVIE TRAILERS section of the site (although I would really suggest you wait to see it in glorious Quicktime). The clip contains one of the more "money shots" of the year, which you can't miss, featuring a dude falling off a building and onto a car, with the camera following him all the way down. Slick! Anyway, with no further adieu...click on the blurred picture below to see the entire, unaltered ECKS VS SEVER poster at Rottentomatoes.com:

< click to see large, unblurred version >

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