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Red Eye Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy Three pretty good trailers were released today. The first is for the Wes Craven directed thriller RED EYE starring the astonishingly beautiful Rachel McAdams and the astonishingly creepy (as a bad guy) Cillian Murphy (pictured right). In the film, Murphy's character holds McAdams' character hostage on a plane while he carries out his nefarious plan. Head on over to our trailer archive HERE to check it out. However, if for some unholy reason, you'd rather Windows Media or Real Player, head on over to the official site over HERE for your preferred format. It opens August 15th.

The second is the new trailer for Terrence Malick's upcoming THE NEW WORLD starring Colin Farrell, Christian Bale, David Thewlis and Christopher Plummer. The movie uses the legend of John Smith and Pocahontas as a launching pad for the wider story of the apparent clash between European and Native American cultures in 1607. Strangely enough, the trailer premiered on the LA Times site. Check it out over HERE. It opens November 9th.

Finally, there's the trailer for Jim Jarmusch's new flick titled BROKEN FLOWERS and starring Bill Murray, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Tilda Swinton and Julie Delpy. The film tells the story of a man who tries to find the identity of a son he's just recently discovered he has by visiting his ex-girlfriends. Check out the trailer over HERE. It opens August 5th in limited release.

And if you haven't yet then make sure to check out our trailer archive because it's constantly updated with the latest trailers and clips.

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