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George Lucas news article pic While George Lucas was at AFI's Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala being honored for his unquestionable contribution to the world of film, he managed to say a few words about the STAR WARS tv series' that he's working on. First of all, he mentioned to USA Today that the series may involve a young Boba Fett, who in the movies was played Daniel Logan (who's now 18). It's possible that Logan may continue to play Fett in the live-action and/or animated series but it's also possible that Lucas wants the series and the movies to be entirely separate entities so he'll cast somebody completely new. Basically, who knows. For more of what he had to say, go HERE.

The folks over at Iesb.net also managed to get some more details from Lucas about the tv series. It's not a whole lot but it's something. Lucas also talks a little bit about INDIANA JONES 4. Check that out over HERE.

On a related note, the folks over at Iesb.net also managed to get some face time with Steven Spielberg and he cleared up a rumor that apparently's been making the internet rounds. Apparently, there was a story over on Ain't It Cool News where a scooper claimed that Harrison Ford had revealed the title of the next JONES adventure to be INDIANA JONES AND THE OPAL OF THE MER-MAN PRINCE. According to Spielberg, the name's bullshit and Ford just has a "good sense of humor". Thank God because that would be quite the effed up title for the next Indie adventure. Check out what else Spielberg had to say over HERE.

Source: USA TodayIesb.net



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