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C'mon Hollywood #59


...stop lying, 'Entertainment Tonight'!
by JoBlo

I've been letting this shit slide for a while now, but why is it that shows like "Entertainment Tonight", in particular, feel the need to lie to their audience by announcing every other trailer or clip from a movie as an "exclusive" or "first look" for E.T. (last night, June 21st, they announced the trailer of THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN as an "exclusive" and a clip from DARK WATER as an infamous "Only E.T. can show you..."-- despite them both being ONLINE for a while now), when the f*ckin' trailers/clips have been ONLINE for days or sometimes even weeks before they even show a screen-cap of it on their rinky-dink shows?

Are they that hard-up for friggin' ratings?!? "Only E.T. can show you"?? Oh really?!? How about JoBlo.com? How about Yahoo Movies? How about Dark Horizons? We've all been showing that shit for days/weeks now! I guess the 1.6 million people who visit our site don't friggin' count, huh?

Yeah, I know this isn't one of those things that might bother all of you regular schmoes out there (then again, maybe it does!), but as a dude who started this movie website 7+ years ago, someone who works DAMN HARD to keep things running smoothly and always up to date, it's a f*ckin' kick in the teeth when Mary Hart steps up to the plate and lies to her audience by claiming to have an "exclusive" for them, when the friggin' posters or trailers or clips have been ONLINE for days before then. Even if it's a "TV exclusive"...say that! Don't make it sound like it's an exclusive across all media, cause it ain't! Online now beats print press and TV to most of those punches!

Yeah, I realize that some of the studio heads still don't take ONLINE all that seriously (or at least, they act like they don't), but how many people out there do you know that don't get their movie news, movie theater times, movie reviews and movie trailers from online sites these days? Yeah, the percentage is closer to 10 than 90, that's fer sure. Not to mention how "scoops" can no longer be anything for shows like "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight" to tout since, well, pretty much every website that does a great job of updating their site has that "scoop" up hours before those delayed TV shows get anything out there.

Do I sound bitter about all this? I'm sure I do, but the truth is that I am more than happy about our situation online, as we continue to grow our audience every month, and are thankful for our loyal readers who obviously appreciate the hard work that everyone who works on this site, does. Which is why it pisses me off all that more when big-ass shows like E.T. can simply spout that kind of shit on the air and get away with it? Isn't that technically illegal? Aren't they boldly "lying" to their audience? Doesn't "exclusive" mean that nobody else out there has it? EVERYONE has it, man...it's friggin' online and it's free to boot!!

If there are any lawyers out there reading this (and I know there are, since many of them have sent us "cease and desist" letters of their own...hehehe, yeah George, I'm talking to you!), look into this matter and let me know if my rant is just one man's beast in his jeans or an actual gripe that rings true.

All that said, I have to say that I still have a damn hard crush on Nancy O'Dell, who despite having to stand next to Billy Bush and pretend to laugh at his jokes every day, could not be any more adorable. Unlike Mary Hart though, at least she's not tossing half-truths to her audience every other day. Hey E.T., why don't you stick to showing the 'Tom Cruise getting sprayed in the face' clip from a thousand different angles and leave the ACTUAL MOVIE REPORTING to the rest of us. Thanks!

And speaking of Cruise, if I was half the man he was two days ago, I'd take a flamethrower to this place! Classy moves, my friend...duly impressed. And you're right, that man was a jerk! A damn big one at that!!


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