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Yeah, the picture is a still of Rachel McAdams in THE WEDDING CRASHERS. What can I say, I like looking at her. A lot. And you should too. Or one of us might have a little snorkeling accident. I kid, I kid. (But not really). What I'm trying to say here is that Yahoo recently posted eight clips from CRASHERS, which also stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Check those out over HERE. It opens July 15th.

The Movie Box also posted two more ten-second tv spots for the trailer for KING KONG. Remember, the trailer will premiere tonight on any NBC affiliate at exactly 8:59pm. Check at 9:02 and you're shit out of luck. It'll also premiere on Volkswagen's official website at 8:44pm. Check out the tv spots over HERE. It opens December 14th.

Finally, Amazon has the very first clip of FANTASTIC FOUR. It's the same action sequence where we see The Thing bash his body against the 18-wheeler truck. Check it out over HERE. It opens July 8th.



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