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Oh God, please don't let this be a new DVD "trend". As I added a slew of new DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES to the site this week, I happened to notice a disturbing movement in the latest "Special Edition" DVDs department as studios appear to be gearing away from the ever-popular "Special Edition" and "Collector Edition" monikers and "upgrading" their flicks with such moronic titles as "The Whatever Edition" for the "special" edition of Alicia Silverstone's CLUELESS, "The Razzle-Dazzle Edition" for the "special" edition of CHICAGO and "The Holy Schnike Edition" for the "special" edition of TOMMY BOY. What's next...HERBIE: FULLY LOADED: THE BIG-TITTED EDITION...c'man!!!

That said, I have to admit that the Schnike one brought a tiny tear to my eye...sniff, sniff...me missey Chris Farley!! Anyway, let's hope this shit doesn't turn into the disaster that was the "variant covers" in the comic book industry a while back...a piece of shit by any name is still a piece of shit, folks. Remember that. PS: Adam Sandler's THE LONGEST YARD already has a DVD cover and a release date for September 20th. Wow...it's happening! <-- read this article, it's pretty interesting... Thanks to 'Alberto' for the head's up.

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