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Contest: Playboy winners


Our PLAYBOY CONTEST is now over. The winners' names are Frank Germaine, Alex B., Justin Kamps, Jack Lomment, Farrell Procopio, Angel Acevedo, Reb Costaris, Bob Barton, Don Martin and Allen McLeod. How odd...all guys? You have all been notified via email and need to respond within 72 hours in order to claim your prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered.

I know many of you are probably looking at this PLAYBOY DVD's contest and saying to yourself: "How the hell didn't JoBlo.com run this before?" Dude...that's a great question! Finally though, the obvious partnership between Playboy and JoBlo.com comes about, with a dandy contest featuring 10 DVDs to be given away to anyone above the age of 18 and living in North America (sorry, Euros!). Check out the goods below, enter only once (double entries will be deleted) and return on Friday July 1st, to see if you're one of our randomly chosen winners (and by winners, I mean WINNERS!). And oh yeah, Kleenex is not provided with your winnings, kids. More info about each DVD can be found at Amazon.com. Just click on the pics below and have a blast!

** North American residents only **


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Source: Playboy.com



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