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The final estimates are in and WAR OF THE WORLDS apparently earned $77.6M over its 4-day Fourth of July weekend, the second highest total ever, after SPIDER-MAN 2's $116M back in 2004 (see whole list here). In terms of the biggest 6-day openings of all-time (WOTW opened on Wednesday, so it's been out for six days now), it didn't perform as hotly, scoring $113.3M in its first six days, putting it 13th place of all-time. The highest 6-day opening for any film was STAR WARS' REVENGE OF THE SITH with $182.7M earlier this year (you can see the entire list here). That said, the overall box-office slump continued for a 19th week in a row, as the big WOTW opening was still not able to surpass the amount of dough movie releases generated at the same time last year.

Movies like LAND OF THE DEAD didn't help in that matter, dropping close to 70% of its audience from last weekend and dangling on to tenth spot, in only its second week out. The concept of giving people their money back if they didn't like CINDERELLA MAN also didn't seem to generate much business for that flick, as it still wasn't able to goad enough people into seeing it, finishing off in 11th spot this weekend. I think that "guarantee" might've worked a couple of weeks ago, but the film is just "lost in the shuffle" at this point. The weekend's only other new movie, Martin Lawrence's REBOUND, also tanked, but not surprisingly with only $6M over the entire 4-day weekend.

On the other hand, both BATMAN BEGINS and MR. AND MRS. SMITH continued to bring in the audiences, upping their respective totals to $154M and $146M respectively. The sixth STAR WARS movie is also continuing to hang on to a spot in the top 10, and continues to jack its total, which is now up to $366M, only $11M away from 7th place of all-time (see that list here). Next weekend sees the addition of this summer's "wild card" in FANTASTIC FOUR, a film which by all accounts might be a big hit or a huge bomb, and Jennifer Connelly in a wet shirt in the remake of the Japanese thriller DARK WATER. I'm there.

1. War of the Worlds $ 77.6 Million $ 113.3 Million
2. Batman Begins $ 18.7 Million $ 154.1 Million
3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith $ 12.7 Million $ 146.1 Million
4. Bewitched $ 10.8 Million $ 40.3 Million
5. Herbie: Fully Loaded $ 10.5 Million $ 36.8 Million
6. Madagascar $ 7 Million $ 172.4 Million
7. Rebound $ 6 Million
8. Star Wars: Episode... $ 5 Million $ 366.5 Million
9. The Longest Yard $ 3.5 Million $ 148.2 Million
10. Land of the Dead $ 3.2 Million $ 16.7 Million




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