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Crowe talks Elizabethtown


I'm a fan of all flicks Cameron Crowe, and looking forward to his latest, ELIZABETHTOWN, even though I'm not exactly sure what it's all about (if you haven't seen it yet, you can check out the film's trailer HERE). That said, the good folks over at MTV.com recently sat down with the big man himself, as he went into details about how he came up with the idea for the film, his many thoughts on music in his films and more, as well as his desire to director SPIDER-MAN 4??? Hmmmm, you can read one of their questions below and read the rest RIGHT HERE. You can also check out their batch of mostly new pics below or HERE. The film is set to open on October 14th.

MTV: Give me some backstory, from the germ of an idea to where you are today.

Crowe: After "Vanilla Sky" — which is mostly about one guy's head, and not my story, really — I wanted to do a real character story. I had this script I was working on that had nine characters. It was filled with things that people in movies do. It was summer 2002, and I was on the road with my wife. She plays with the band Heart, they were playing a summer tour, and she convinced me to get out of the house and see the world from the bus. I woke up one morning and looked out of the bus, and the hillsides were electric green landscapes. We were in Kentucky, where I'm from. I got off the bus, rented a car and drove around. And I started writing something new. I started writing about the family we don't know we have and the things that happen when life intercedes to take you on a surprise journey. And tragedy [the death of Orlando Bloom's character's father] that ends up being a ticket to something wilder and greater and stronger than you anticipated. And it has a lot of music in it.


Source: MTV.com



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