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Thank you very much for returning to the second edition of this lovely weekly column! If you caught the early version of last week's column, you would have seen me postulating about the appearance of a new NARNIA trailer. Unfortunately, this was not true and I corrected it thanks to reader input. Make sure to stop back in from time to time because this is an ever evolving column. As I get more information, I'll be adding an update at the bottom or using strikethrough text.

Entering theaters this past weekend was the Martin Lawrence flick, REBOUND. You're probably going to be better off waiting for BAD NEWS BEARS in a couple weeks. One new trailer that premiered last weekend not mentioned in this column was BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2. In this one Martin looks more like Sheneneh than grandma.

Opening wide this weekend are FANTASTIC FOUR and DARK WATER. FANTASTIC FOUR is a huge tent pole release for Fox and a good spot to premiere some new trailers. I've heard rumors of an X3 teaser, but nothing solid at this point. Even if it does show, expect a teaser without any real footage like the DA VINCI CODE teaser. I did hear word that the trailer for THE GREAT RAID will show in front of FANTASTIC FOUR and/or DARK WATER (check out a capture of the trailer below). Other older trailers you might see include: THE LEGEND OF ZORRO, THE NEW WORLD, SKY HIGH, and KING KONG.

In front of DARK WATER, it would make sense for DreamWorks to position the second trailer for RED EYE. Also there's a chance that a trailer for JUST LIKE HEAVEN will be showing with some of the prints. That trailer has yet to be shown to the general public and already has one sheets out nationwide.

In limited release, MURDERBALL and BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY attempt to draw in two very different art house audiences. With MURDERBALL aiming for a more mainstream audience, it would make sense for distributor THINKFilm to include the trailer for THE ARTISTOCRATS. Also looking for space in art houses is the trailer for GRIZZLY MAN from Lions Gate. Check out a screen capture of that trailer below.

For BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, if Sony Classics is sending attached trailers, the two strongest candidates are NOVEMBER and DON'T COME KNOCKING.

UPDATE: Early word has the trailer of GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' premiering with the release of HUSTLE & FLOW. That film releases limited on Juy 22. Also, the recent release of the trailer for THE EXORCISM of EMILY ROSE looks to link up with BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.

Disclaimer: Not every theater plays exactly the same trailers in front of each movie. Your best bet is to call ahead and ask a manager for as much information as possible. We try our hardest to get you the best information, but nothing is guaranteed.

Check back this very column as we update with any late breaking trailer news and links as to when these clips will show up online. Don't hesitate to e-mail me any trailers that you can confirm or deny seeing: [email protected].

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