8 new TV spots for Deathly Hallows

The first installment of the last installment of the HARRY POTTER franchise is just about a month away. To help get you more excited for HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1 (is it possible to get HARRY POTTER fans more excited?), we've got eight new TV spots for the film in JoBlo Video.

As a non-POTTER fan, I have to say I'm getting sucked in with some of these trailers and spots for HARRY POTTER. Unlike LORD OF THE RINGS, which I actively disliked, I don't dislike HARRY POTTER - in fact, I've seen all the movies. I just don't love them as many people do. But as we near the end, I'm actually quite intrigued to see how it all wraps up in a cinematic sense. Click here to head to JoBlo Video and watch the TV spots, one of which I've teased below...

Extra Tidbit: Even if you're not interested in HARRY POTTER, you should go just to see the GREEN LANTERN trailer.
Source: JoBlo.com



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