A DVD about DVDs?

Our good buddies at DVD Angle came up with a pretty cool idea. Seeing as how they're a site devoted to the DVD format, why not issue their very own DVD with a behind-the-scenes look at how they're made? DVD DISCOVERIES will be available for pre-order this September for a meager retail price of $9.95. Here are some more details on what you can expect from the disc:

To help bring DVD Discoveries to life, we have enlisted some of the most talented and recognizable names in the industry. All told, there will be more than 3 hours worth of exclusive featurettes covering all aspects of DVD-related production. This fully loaded DVD-9 will contain insightful segments, found nowhere else, from the actual people and companies that have propelled DVD to ever-greater heights. Further information can be found at www.dvddiscoveries.com.

DVD Discoveries will include sections such as:

Content Production: A series of unique featurettes from the content creator’s point of view. Each of the following featurettes will be between 10-15 minutes and will contain exclusive footage and interviews from the behind-the-scenes of DVD:

· 1K Studios: A chronicle of DVD menu creation from the company responsible for such interfaces as Alien: Special Edition, Tomorrow Never Dies: Special Edition, and more.
· Alita Holly (Organa West, www.organawest.com): Taking DVD to new levels with one of the top female DVD Producers. Her list of credits includes Ghostbusters: Collector’s Series, Free Enterprise, and others.
· Automat Pictures (www.automatpictures.com): A look at the company and people who have created some of the most compelling documentaries and bonus material available on DVD, including those found on The Fog: Special Edition and the Rambo trilogy, among others.
· Charlie de Lauzirika: One man’s vision of DVD – from his work producing the DVD’s for Ridley Scott’s movies (such as Hannibal: Special Edition and Legend: Ultimate Edition) as well as projects like Speed: Five Star Collection. · David Naylor (The Naylor Group, www.dvdbonusfeatures.com): Go behind the scenes with the company who created the DVD’s for such popular TV shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files, along with producing special edition DVD’s for 12 of the special edition “James Bond” movies and more.
· David Prior: Take an inside look at DVD with one of the top DVD Producers in the industry. To his credit are some of the most talked about DVD releases in the formats history. DVD’s such as Fight Club, Pearl Harbor: Vista Series, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and many more.
· Eric Young (Sparkhill Productions): A behind-the-scenes exposé of the company whose list of credits include such spectacular DVD’s as Kiss of the Dragon, the 3 releases in the “Vault Disney Collection,” and more.
· Jason Rosenfeld: An independent journey to bring the TV series My So-Called Life to DVD.
· Sharpline Arts (www.sharplinearts.com): A behind-the-scenes segment that chronicles an impressive career from the folks who brought you The Alien Legacy, Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Director’s Edition, and more.

Disc Production: A collection of exclusive featurettes – ranging from 10-15 minutes in length each – to explore the creation of a physical DVD, both professionally and at home.

· CAV/Info Disc (www.cavd.com): A step-by-step insight into each step in the replication process, from the "glass master" and injection molding, through to the final packaging.
· Cinesite DVD (www.cinesite.com): A behind-the-scenes look at one of the leading DVD encoding and authoring companies headed up by former DreamWorks DVD producer Steve Gustafson.
· Cyberlink (www.gocyberlink.com): Insight into DVD-ROM technology and an at-home DVD creation tutorial from the makers of PowerDVD and PowerDirector.

Studio Segments:

· Criterion & Home Vision Entertainment (www.homevision.com): A look at the relationship between the two companies who practically invented the term “special edition.”
· New Line's Infinifilm (www.infinifilm.com): Go behind New Line Home Entertainment’s top-level series with the production of Simone: Infinifilm.
· Rhino Home Video (www.rhinovideo.com): Find out how a small arm of a giant corporation releases such fantastic DVD as The Transformers, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 series, and more.
· The Vault Disney Collection (www.disney.com/disneyvideos/liveaction/vaultdisney/): Take a trip into the Disney vaults and find out exactly what went into bringing this series to life.
· Warner Bros. Publications (www.songxpress.com): Making instructional DVD’s fun as well as informative by utilizing interactive features.

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