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Bruce playing himself?


Bruce Campbell pic Bruce Campbell recently revealed in an interview that one of his next projects involved him playing himself in a movie where people think he really is Ash from THE EVIL DEAD series. Huh? Maybe I should just let him explain:

"And then in the Fall I’m going to start a new film for Dark Horse comics, a cool company set in Portland, they’re making movies now. It’s an untitled Bruce Campbell movie where I play myself. It’s about a small town that is having problems with a monster and nothing’s working so somebody suggests let’s get the Evil Dead guy. Unfortunately, in reality I don’t own a gun, I’ve never used a chainsaw and more die then before I got there".

That's an interesting twist on the reality-defying genre (I just made up that term but you get what I'm saying, right?). Check out the full interview over HERE. Campbell can next be seen in the superhero family film SKY HIGH.

Source: KotakuTwitch



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