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It's finally here. JOBLO'S MOVIE CLUB is getting bigger and bigger every day. Starting today, in addition to your member privileges which include 1) posting on our popular discussion board 2) adding your profile to our schmoes gallery 3) receiving our monthly JoBlo.com newsletter 4) being automatically entered into our contests and 5) participating in all celebrity chats, you will now be able to ADD YOUR THOUGHTS below any of our daily news items & POST YOUR OWN REVIEWS below any of JoBlo's reviews.

All this is FREE, as a member of our CLUB, which takes about two minutes to join (although it might take a little while to get accepted-- not everyone gets in).

CLICK HERE to take part in all this, or if you're already a member, scroll down and post your thoughts on all this, or head on over to another movie story and post your thoughts there as well. Enjoy.

Oh, and once you're a member of JoBlo.com, you obviously will be able to take advantage of the same privileges over at our horror buddy site, ARROW IN THE HEAD. The only difference is that instead of his COMMENTS section being titled THE SCHMOES STRIKE BACK, it's called SPITTING BULLETS. Natch.


You can read the entire list of rules/guidelines HERE, but the basic idea is that we ask that you post only CONSTRUCTIVE messages, related to the news items in question, with more than 50 characters and a point of view (are you for the idea, against it, etc...).

NO INSULTS of any kind will be tolerated versus anyone on our site, including our staff or anyone else who posts here. Lastly, it's to note that our site has become very popular in Hollywood, read by many movers and shakers every day, so here's YOUR CHANCE to have your opinion and voice heard, and make people sit up and take notice. C'MON HOLLYWOOD...WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! (except for the cool stuff, of course)


As of this morning, we had over 20,000 members as part of our club, and that number grows every day. Being a PRIVATE CLUB, we reserve the right to deny anyone admission (generally for bad apples and 10-year olds), but on the whole, as long as you're cool, as long as you're serious about posting here and as long as you LOVE MOVIES, come on board and enjoy. Here are only a few sample pics of members from our SCHMOES GALLERY.



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