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To quote Jimmy Fallon, "And we're BACK!"

Still reading? Good, because there really isn't that much for me to talk about this week. With just two wide releases, we won't be seeing much steam from behind the concession stand. But this is to be expected with the summer coming to an end.

With Warner Brothers distributing THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, you can expect a mess of teen-centric trailers filled with bodily fluids and sexual innuendos. While the WB does not have any concrete teen releases in this year's future, their sister studio New Line will be throwing the trailer for THE MAN in movie canisters nationwide. This will be the same trailer that is online and showed with many prints of THE WEDDING CRASHERS. Perhaps we'll see something for Ryan Reynold's November flick, JUST FRIENDS? Also, if you haven't seen V FOR VENDETTA yet, now should be your chance.

Also out in limited release is bad ass Jim Jaramusch's BROKEN FLOWERS. Starring Bill Murray and Sharon Stone, this Cannes favorite is available for all of you art house goers living in or near major markets. When you go, make sure you watch for EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED trailer as well as a trailer for ELIZABETHTOWN. ILLUMINATED was written and directed by one of my personal favorites, Live Liev Schreiber and stars Elijah Wood.

UPDATE:None Yet.

Disclaimer: Not every theater plays exactly the same trailers in front of each movie. Your best bet is to call ahead and ask a manager for as much information as possible. We try our hardest to get you the best information, but nothing is guaranteed.

Check back this very column as we update with any late breaking trailer news and links as to when these clips will show up online. Don't hesitate to e-mail me any trailers that you can confirm or deny seeing: [email protected].

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