Carlito goes to DVD

Carlito's Way prequel pic I wasn't terribly excited to see the upcoming prequel CARLITO'S WAY: RISE TO POWER so I can't say that I'll be very disappointed that it's apparently not getting a theatrical release but going straight to DVD instead. I was looking forward to Luis Guzman because he's pretty awesome but that's about it. The movie is based on Edwin Torres' book about the infamous Carlos Brigante's rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. Jay Hernandez stars as Brigante with Mario Van Peebles and Sean "don't call me puff daddy" Combs co-starring. Despite my indifference to this movie, I am surprised that it isn't getting a theatrical release. With so many other sequels/prequels/whatever making it to theaters that really should have gone straight to DVD - coughSONOFTHEMASKcough - it's a little surprising that one with as recognizable a name as CARLITO'S WAY didn't make it. You'd think the people who'd watch out of sheer morbid curiosity would make for a relatively decent opening weekend. In any case, the DVD will be released September 27th. Check out the specs over HERE.

Source: DVD Answers



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