Anne's cans on DVD

The much anticipated debut of Anne Hathaway's breast friends, HAVOC, was screened earlier this summer at a film festival in Munich. Unfortunately, the people in attendance at that theater will be some of the very few who got to see Hathaway in all her glory. New Line, who owned the rights to the film, has decided to forgo a theatrical release and has instead set HAVOC for a straight-to-DVD release on November 29th. The discs will be available in an 86-minute R-rated cut and a 94-minute "unrated" cut. There's no clear indication what those extra eight minutes will entail, but we can all dream, eh? in case you didn't know, New Line describes HAVOC as "an edgy look at a group of rich teens who, so bored with their privileged existences, adopt an urban street lifestyle that ultimately results in harrowing tragedy"...with Anne Hathaway topless. Let's just call a spade a spade here. Both editions of the film will retail for $19.97 and don't feature much in the way of special features. Just a trailer and...some subtitles? Captions anyone? The documentary "Anne's Nudity and the Perverts on the Web Who Discussed It For Months and Months" was sadly not included. But I think you know the gist of that one...

Source: New Line Cinema



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