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What do you get when you take a little bit of HEATHERS, a few snippets of GHOST WORLD, a whole lotta FRANKENSTEIN and plenty of tricks a la Dario Argento and David Lynch and make it into a movie? You get a very cool film called MAY, to be distributed by none other than the (seemingly) only part of the Hollywood machine left with balls in their sack: Lions Gate Films. MAY is tentatively scheduled for limited release in early 2003, but the Arrow and I were lucky enough to catch a screening of the film at this year's MONTREAL FILM FESTIVAL and it was chillfully delightful. Expect to see both of our reviews up on the site by next week, but until then, we figured that we'd leave you with some key art and pictures from the movie, as well as a synopsis and its stars. Is it a black comedy? Kind of. Is it a horror? Kind of. It's actually a decent melange of several genres and the best part about it, and its first-time director Lucky McKee, is that it works!! (did I mention that Anna Faris plays a sexy nympho lesbo in it?) Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one....we don't see many movies like this anymore.

Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Faris

May is an outsider, even a bit nerdy. If you passed her on the street you wouldn't notice that she is any different from scores of other young women trying to make their way in the big city. Shy and introverted after a tormented childhood, May lives alone with her ghoulish homemade doll, works as a veterinary assistant, makes her own clothes and dreams of finding the right person to fall in love with. When she meets Adam, a studly auto mechanic who makes cannibal-themed amateur movies and thinks "weirdness" is attractive, May hopes her romantic fortunes have turned, until their first date develops into a somewhat weirder experience than even he is willing to accept. May then tries her luck with the nymphomaniac lesbian secretary at work, but when that too, fails, it's time to remember what her mother told her as a child when she gave her that doll: "When you can't find a friend, make one." Creepy stuff ensues.

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