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Wedding Crashers - January 3

Crashers alone, totally changed my belief that watching a comedy in a theatre was not only a waste of time, but a waste of money. Seeing that many people laughing at the same thing as everyone else (except for the "She was my first Asian!" bit, which had me in tears) is quite a moment. That many people laughing so hard that you can't hear what's going on in the next scene, well, the only other time that's happened for me was watching There's Something About Mary when it was released. Somebody get Vaughn and Wilson their own show, or at least a sequel or another movie with them together. "Mom, meatloaf! F*CK!!"


  • Commentary from stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn
  • Commentary from director David Dobkin
  • Nine more minutes of laughs (“Uncorked” Edition only)
  • Infamous “99 Red Balloons” scene (“Uncorked” Edition only)
  • Deleted scenes
  • “A Crash Course In Wedding Crashing” featurette
  • “Event Planning” featurette
  • “Wedding Crashing” game
  • Test audience reaction to specific scenes (“Uncorked” Edition only)
  • Interactive soundtrack promo
  • Music video: The Sights’ “Circus”
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Teaser trailer

Four Brothers - December 20

It'll be interesting to see if Singleton still "has it". I dug Boyz in the Hood, Poetic Justice and Higher Learning, but anything beyond that has been BAH! Whatever that means. Baby Boy was just okay. Anyway, Andre 3000 shows up in non-patterned, non-rainbow clothing and probably looks just as cool. Mark Wahlberg is short but could probably kick everyone's ass. Feel the vibration!


  • Commentary by Director John Singleton
  • 9 Deleted scenes
  • 5 Behind the Scenes and Making Of Featurettes
  • Theatrical trailer
  • English and French DD5.1 Surround

"Okay, who made the f*cking New Kids joke?!"

Stealth - December 26

Wow, a double disc for a flick that's basically the premise of that old movie, Maximum Overdrive, which would make a great show for FOX, "When Automobiles Attack!" Basically, unmanned jets become evil and Ray Charles tries to stop them and then Jessica Biel shows up in a bikini. Jaw, meet Floor, will you? Jesus. A pic of said hottie-in-bikini has been provided for your viewing pleasure, along with the specs.


  • Multi-Angle Scene Comparisons
  • “Detailed and Declassified” In-depth Scene Deconstructions – an interactive look at two high-action scenes
  • “Harnessing Speed” – Three-part documenatary-style filmmaker’s diary
  • “The Music of STEALTH” Featurette
  • Incubus “Make A Move” Music Video
  • Seperate Widescreen and Full Screen editions

Jackass (Vol. 1) - December 6

There's something about Jackass that somehow, people universally agree on. Maybe you've always wanted to see a dude get it in the eyes with pepper spray...then a stun gun...then a taser. Shit, even my lady friend gets a kick out of seeing grown men getting kicked in the balls. One thing's for sure, the boys from Jackass need to put out a new movie, and hopefully without a stunt that doesn't included shoving a toy car up their bum. The "Missing" volume one featurs 100 never-before-released Jackass segments and an uncensored commentary track, with an all-new exclusive 48-page collectible book and a bonus disc packed with Jackass Cribs episodes, Jackass Gumball Rally, a "Where Are They Now?" featurette and more! Holy balls!

Down on the Bayou, body piercing is taken to another level.

Menu Shots

The Skeleton Key


American Pie 3 Pack: Has all three American Pie movies, including the last one you forgot even existed. 9/27

Carlito's Way: Rise to Power: Somehow, Diddy ends up in the movie as a gangsta, looking very modern for it being like forty years ago and everything. 9/27

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (SE): One of the scariest movies ever made. Michael Rooker digs under your skin and stays there. Karma eventually "Stink Palms" him in Mallrats. 9/27

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Sin City (SE), War of the Worlds, Bad News Bears, Dark Water....


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