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A little bit of everything in this week's DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES update with the biggest comedy of the summer, WEDDING CRASHERS, finally making its way onto DVD with an 'Uncorked" version (do these "kooky" ways of saying "unrated" actually work on anybody?), and a variety of other flicks, adult-oriented or not, also coming out with two versions of their movie, either "rated" or "unrated", including THE DUKES OF HAZZARD?!? Gimme a break! What are we gonna see in the unrated version, Jessica Simpson blowing Johnny Knoxville or some shit? I mean, c'mon...this is yet another stupid new trend in DVDs that's starting to piss me off. Uncork this, man! Seriously.

The other "unrated" DVDs include THE DEVIL'S REJECTS (okay, this one makes sense), DUMB AND DUMBER, DARK WATER and the infamous HAVOC (again, this one might make a little more sense, CLICK HERE if you don't know what I'm babbling about). Other than that, you've got all of your usual suspects making their way onto DVD including a nice late November release for MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, which over the holiday season, should turn into a money-printing factory for the studio involved. All jabs aside, the holiday season is starting to look mighty pretty with all of these new DVD announcements, and I for one, can't wait to see what all of my new girlfriends will be buying me for X-Mas. And by "girlfriends", I mean "no one".

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