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Dushku Lies some more


Eliza Dushku pic Earlier this year, Tom Arnold spoke to Star Magazine about a rumored TRUE LIES sequel and mentioned the following:

We all caught up - Jim [Cameron], Jamie [Lee Curtis], Eliza [Dushku], Bill [Paxton] and myself - to talk about True Lies 2 about a month ago in Cali. We're doing it. Definitely doing it. I'm revved.

Seems unlikely but if Arnold wants to talk about it, that's cool. However, things just got a little more interesting since Chris alerted us to what Dushku said about this proposed sequel in a recent issue of Buffy Magazine. What's interesting is the fact that she said the exact same thing as Arnold. She mentioned:

We all caught up Me, Jamie Lee, Arnold, and Jim, to talk about True Lies 2, about a month ago in California. We're Doing it. Definitely doing it. I'm revved.

What are the chances of both of them saying the exact same thing? When did this "catching-up" meeting actually take place? Did they actually discuss the sequel? Is it really happening? What's the real truth here? More importantly, who uses "revved" anymore? All interesting questions which may never be answered and if they aren't, I'm pretty sure most people would be ok with that.

On a related note, Dushku apparently wants to be Wonder Woman. However, so does Morena Baccarin and Joss Whedon seems to favor her for the role. One thing that can't be debated is that they're both certainly hot enough for the role.

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