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C'mon Hollywood #69


...lighten up on Tony Scott!
by JoBlo

I'll be the first to admit that the actual storyline in DOMINO was way more complicated than it needed to be, and that the film featured way too many secondary characters that it would have been smart to lose during the editing process (read my full review of the film HERE), but somebody's gotta stand up for director Tony Scott's more recent trend of over-editing and stylizing his films to the point of them looking like music videos, as many film critics around the country seem to want every f*ckin' director out there to take their cameras out, stick them into the ground, point them at the actors and shoot them in a one-shot. Is that what you want?!? Every single director shooting every single movie, in every genre...the same way!? I really don't get it!!

What I'm complaining about is all those people (and film critics, in particular) who don't seem to have all that much bad to say about Scott's latest creation DOMINO, other than the fact that it's edited like a motherf*ker and that it apparently moves "too fast" and stylized for them. Heck, the last time I checked...weren't movies a VISUAL medium?!? Aren't we supposed to want certain directors to test the limits, try new things, have fun with the camera and especially for films featuring a friggin' hot-ass bounty hunter with a great ass-double who shoots rooms up with machine guns pasted to her hands?!? Shouldn't that film director shoot the film A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY than say...DR. DOLITTLE 2??

Here are a few snippets from film critics around the country about this film:

  • "Only afterward, as you amble out of the theater in a dizzy whir do you start to realize you haven't been entertained but assaulted. Director Tony Scott goes so wild and over-the-top with stylistic flourishes, he makes MTV look like PBS."

  • "With Domino, Tony Scott continues in his quest to make films expressly for the hard of hearing, the visually impaired and people on amphetamines, who find that all other movies move too darn slow."

  • "Scott is attempting to create a movie experience more than a movie, but with so much else going against the film, the last thing it needs is an interfering director."

  • "Cutting with rapid-fire precision that would make a machine gun seem slow, Scott never allows his restless camera to stay with one shot or angle for more than about a second. Domino looks like it was hyped up on speed and acid. It's ADHD filmmaking."

Uhhhhm, I actually find many of these quotes to be a positive for the film in question, but apparently these critics watching the movie ONLY appreciate movies if they are moving at the same pace as REMAINS OF THE DAY or AMERICAN BEAUTY or something else that appeals to their sensibilities.

To whom exactly do these reviewers think this film is being targeted? Was Tony Scott hoping that all of those 50-year old+ men and women reviewing the film would run into theaters over the weekend and check out Mickey Rourke and Keira Knightley blasting people away? This is the exact reason why I don't bother reviewing kiddie movies like HERBIE: FULLY LOADED or tween flicks a la SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS, because they are not targeted at me! (or the site's audience) Chances are that I might like a few of them here and there, but at the end of the day, my opinion shouldn't mean squat as I am faaaaaaaar from the target market for those movies.

The same should go for DOMINO.

At the very least, certain film critics should check their egos at the door and possibly admit that they likely aren't in the film's target audience anyway, and that maybe...just maybe, boys between the ages of 13-18 might dig on that shit. The arrogance in some of their reviews is unbelievable.

That's not to say that DOMINO is a good movie, incidentally. I was hoping that it would be much better, but it has its charms, and I just don't appreciate the fact that many of these critics are writing the film off mostly because it's edited a certain way and stylized beyond belief. These are the same assholes who praised the French film IRREVERSIBLE a few years ago (surely because it was an import, etc...), despite it starting with about 20 minutes of the cameras turning round and round and round in a friggin' circle!!!

My rant here isn't concentrated solely on the comments made about DOMINO (since I didn't adore it all that much either), but for Scott's previous film as well, MAN ON FIRE, which was my #2 movie of last year. A handful of those critics started their bitching about the film's "style" last year, and seemingly didn't get into the story because the camera was "moving too fast" for them. Uhhhhhm, yeah...okay. So while others in the audience are supposed to sit there and "be patient" through shit like MANDALAY, you can't throw the same courtesy our way when it comes to "faster" movies because...well, I don't know why actually!!

All that said, I certainly won't stand against anyone who wants to rail into this movie or its style (or director), since this IS a free country after all, and everyone has a right to their opinion, but for the love of all that is good in movies, lighten up on Scott and at the very least, give the FILM a chance according to what it's attempting to achieve, which is a high-octane, mile-a-minute, rock n' roll extravaganza, which in my opinion, doesn't fully achieve its goals, but at the very f*ckin' least: IS TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN HOLLYWOOD!!!

F*ck the norm. Support originals like Scott.

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