Kong production DVD

Eager to capitalize on KONG fever that will take hold of the world this December, Universal has announced the release of KING KONG: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries on DVD. The limited edition set will include 54 production diaries from the set plus a special look at the making of the Kong vs. T-Rex scene (footage from the Comic-Con perhaps?). In addition to the DVD footage, the set will also include a full-color book with more than 50 pages containing dozens of on-set and behind-the-scenes photographs, drawings and images from the production and four exclusive production lithographs created by the conceptual artists at Big Primate Pictures and WETA workshop. Each gift set will come with a numbered letter of authenticity as this package will be available for a limited time. All sounds fine and good right? Get this: $39.99. Sounds a little steep for me considering special edition DVDs of most movies don't cost that much let alone DVDs of footage that is available online for free. But hey, it's a collector's item and if that's your thing, roll with it. There are worse things in the world to spend $40 on.



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