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Dumb and Dumber: Unrated Edition - January 3

Now, tell me love isn't worth driving on a scooter cross country to a little place called Aspen. Of course it is, I'm an optimist, people! I'm also really lonely. Really. This is the Farrelly Brothers when they were at their peak: raw, funny, and ruthless. Come on, selling a dead bird to a blind kid? Awesome. And who knew Jeff Daniels could be so funny? An unrated edition should be balls out funny, but I'm not sure how funny when there's only six minutes of additional footage thrown into the mix. Ugh. You can catch the release on 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen and extras include deleted and alternate scenes, a retrospective documentary and "more"? How much more? Stay tuned to JoBlo.com to find out. Now kick his ass, SeaBass!

A smart move; if she asks, say it was the wind.

Repo Man (SE) - January 24

Unfortunately, I have not seen Repo Man in years so I can't recall what was so great about it, but all my friends swear by it and on occasion will throw out lines that go right over my head, which isn't that hard to begin with. But director Alex Cox's Sid and Nancy is so damn good, that maybe I'll revisit Repo Man one day and see what I'm missing. I'm not so sure what's so special about this special edition, however, as the only extra is an audio commentary with (names haven't been confirmed yet) and a theatrical trailer, if you can call that an extra. Anyway, here's a couple menu shots.

Must Love Dogs - January 20

Can we see Cusack in something other than a rom-com? Perferably, something like his roles in Grosse Point Blank or Con-Air? What a bummer. Also, Diane Lane, please call JoBlo, as we got him drunk this weekend and he wouldn't stop weeping until we let him get your name tattooed on a very precarious part of his body. Catch this puppy (very lame pun INtended) on anamorphic widescreen and English Dolby Digital 5.1, with some additional scenes and a gag reel. Gag reel, sounds like our night out.

A weekday in the life of the staff at JoBlo.com.

Kong Production Diaries - December 13

Well, you heard it hear first from Colonel Sampson yesterday, but the Kong Production Diaries that were readily available online for ages is getting it's very own release. In a rare moment of pessimism, I think this is a horrible idea, IMO. Maybe horrible is too strong a word, but I can't see paying forty bucks for fluff that doesn't include the actual movie, but hey, like Sampson said, there are worse things to spend forty bucks on (blow, handjobs, two twenty four packs of beer, etc.) It is, after all, a collector's set, with each set numbered for authenticity, but still. I guess if you're a huge Peter Jackson fan(who's looking more and more like Kevin Smith each day) or Kong fan, than the forty dollars is more than worth it. So good on you. Me, I'm only peeping the flick to see what genius Andy Serkis comes up with for his portrayal as Kong, and how many different facial expressions Jack Black can make. Check out everything that's included with this HERE.

Menu Shots

Sin City (SE)


Batman Begins (SE): Thus begins Batman week, with no less than eight different releases of Batman shite. 10/18

The Big Lebowski (SE): Shut the f*ck up Donnie, it's finally here! 10/18

The Coen Brothers Collection: I guess not a bad collection, could be worse, don't ya think? 10/18

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