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Despite adding quite a number of new DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES to the site, I can't say that there were many "exciting" ones to discuss here, other than an unrated version of the 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN (with an extra 17 minutes tacked on to it) and THE ISLAND, which I never caught in theaters, but heard was "fun shite". So allow me to take this moment to semi-introduce another cool section to our site called plainly: the JOBLO MOVIE POSTER STORE! Yes, that's right, the title pretty much says it all. We are now featuring over 10,000 posters on our site (you can access it anywhere throughout the site-- it's part of the top right-handside menu), thanks to a partnership with Allposters.com, including categories like COLLEGE, COMICS, HOT CHICKS, HUMOR, MOVIE STAND-UPS, MOVIES, MUSIC, SPORTS, T-SHIRTS, TELEVISION

We'll be making a more formal announcement in the next week or so, but for now, head on over there and check it out (we'll also be updating that section with COUPONS to save $$$ on posters). Back on the DVD front, as you can see by the "exciting" lot of sample additions below, not much to crow about on this round, but still some interesting stuff for anyone who loves them DVDs. PS: Click on this link for the movie ROADRACERS and find out why you've never heard of this film that was directed by Robert Rodriguez and stars the very hot Salma Hayek!!

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