9 mins of Ratatouille

Ratatouille Being the benevolent multi-national conglomerate that they are, Disney is giving a little treat to the online masses by unspooling nine minutes of Pixar's latest, the rodent-tastic RATATOUILLE, on their OFFICIAL SITE. Director Brad Bird even gives you a little introduction to the latest animated world he's created (though at this point, there's only one question we need him to answer: When are we getting a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES, goddammit!?!) In the film, lovably plump comedian Patton Oswalt voices a rat named Remy whose life inside the walls of a Paris bistro only serves to fuel his strong desire to become a chef. When a young boy desperate to keep his job at the restaurant discovers Remy's culinary prowess, however, after accepting that he may just be going insane given the fact that he's not only talking to a rat but accepting that said rat displays freakishly good cooking abilities, they form a mutually beneficial partnership that unfolds in a series of wacky hijinks and heartwarming moments. The film opens June 29th.

Extra Tidbit: If the voice of the French waiter in the trailers talking about the cheeses sounds familiar, it's because it's Bird.
Source: Disney



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