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Corpse Bride - January 31

Only Tim Burton can take something like the undead mixing it up with the living, and turn it into a charismatic (albeit dark and weird) love story. And only we at JoBlo.com can point and laugh about the necrophiliac undertones of the film. Hey, we're kinda creepy and charismatic in our own way, and don't mind a little roll in the hay with a corpse if the pickens are slim. Okay, that's just me, although JoBlo has been known to comb the cemetaries up in Canadia every now and then. I'm also glad to see stop motion animation still being put to good use; did you see the fluid motion of Depp's hair in Corpse Bride? Fantastic! Today is a new lowpoint in my life when I envy not only another man's hair, but an animated version of said man's hair. Sigh.


  • Documentaries: Find out how an animator approaches his character's motivation and why individual animators possess unique skills
  • Tim Burton: Dark vs. Light featurette: Explore what inspired Burton to bring the Corpse Bride to life
  • Voices from the Underworld: Meet the actors behind the voices, and see how they craft their unique character
  • Danny Elfman Interprets The Two Worlds
  • Inside the Two Worlds: Includes interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and production drawings.
  • Music Only Track
  • Making Puppets Tick: Step inside and tour the puppet workshop.
  • The Corpse Bride Pre-Production Galleries
  • Production Notes

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - December 20

Emily Rose is such a porn star name that it would not surprise me if "The Sexorcism of Emily Rose" was already out on DVD, or in the making. What would happen in the movie is Father Fondelin gets a "distressed" call about a demon-possessed woman and when the Father arrives on the scene, witnesses a demon (in full demon make up) totally slamming Emily Rose while she bites on a crucifix. The Father says something into his tape recorder in a slow, deliberate voice like, "Well, it seems the demon has already....entered the victim. She is speaking in tongue, what sounds like an ancient Latin dialect not heard in this part of the world...." Bla bla, yadda yadda, then the demon tag teams Father Fondelin and the priest tries to work his magic from there. See, these things are easy to write. Somebody call Vivid, I totally have a great idea! The real Exorcism of Emily Rose will be available in seperate Rated and Unrated editions. The Unrated edition is roughly three minutes longer than the Rated version. Man, that priest is quick.


  • Director's commentary
  • Deleted Scene
  • Genesis of the Story
  • Casting the Film
  • Visual Design

The Mummy Collector's Set - November 29

I suppose this would've have come out sooner than later, but any of you who are thinking of getting this for my birthday (which is the day before this is released) I have to tell you, spend your money on something else (like the aforementioned Sexorcism of Emily Rose). While I enjoyed The Mummy, The Mummy Returns had a lot of the first movie's gags and The Scorpion King bored me to tears, although I must say, the collector's set would look pretty sweet on my shelf. The f*cking best part about it?! There are no new extras or bonus discs or lithographs of Brendan Fraser, nothing like that. You'll get the same extras that were available on the prior releases of each movie. Sweet!

The Man - January 16

Being that all you Schmoes read and love the site, you know how much we absolutely love Eugene Levy. And by "love" we really mean "love to take a brick to his face". If I were Sam Jackson, and aside from saying, "Sheeit, yeah negro; that's all you had to say!", the first thing I would do as Sam would be to trip Levy down the stairs and/or call Quentin up and tell him to get Vega Brothers/Inglorious Bastards/Grindhouse or anything else he has in the pipeline, and get that shit in shape and rolling ASAFP! Then I would keep saying Motherf*cker. "Motherf*cker, I told you I don't eat swine. Motherf*cker, I'm Sam motherf*cking Jackson." And so on.


  • “Sam Jackson’s Guide to Cursing Like a Bad A&% Motha F$#@*” - Featurette
  • “Who’s the Man?” - Featurette
  • “Making an Action Scene” - Featurette
  • “The Ride: A Look at the ’83 Cadillac” - Featurette
  • Deleted scenes
  • Gag reels
  • Theatrical trailer

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: It's a Tim Burton day. Charlie is no more a whiny little boy, but a morose little boy. 11/8

Edward Scissorhands (SE): Johnny Depp dresses up as Cure frontman Robert Smith. Except with a bunch of scars on his face. 11/8

Big Fish (SE): Not a big fan of Big Fish, but there are worse movies out there. 11/8

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