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Two For The Money - January 17

No specs have been announced for Pacino's new yell-fest, only that there will be the standard seperate Anamorphic Widescreen and Full Screen editions. Something about the flick reminds me of The Devil's Advocate: a wunderkid of some kind with loads of talent gets taken under the wing of "surrogate father type" who runs a company. The kid starts using his talents to make some loot for the father-type and the company, then the kid figures out maybe he's in over his head and that "everything isn't what it appears to be", and he tries to get out before it's too late. See, it's Advocate all over again. Except Pacino doesn't ask Matt to bang his own sister. That I know of. Stay tuned for specs as they become available.

Pacino: ready to unleash one of his infamous tirades.

The Simpsons (S7) - December 13

I guess FOX got wind of everyone bitching about those new terrible looking mold covers of The Simpson family on the Season 6 collection, so they're now releasing the mold cover as well as "regular" packaging for Season 7 and onward. Go HERE to check out the detailed specs of Season 7. Below you'll find both versions of the packaging.

Broken Flowers - January 3

I'm surprised there hasn't been Oscar talk for this, considering it stars Bill Murray in what looks like a "serious" role. Flowers is directed by Jim Jarmusch and it will either totally win you over or totally put you to sleep, like most of his movies. You decide on January 3rd. For those not in the know, Flowers is a story about, "an ageing bachelor who learns he has a son and tries to discover which of his old girlfriends is the mother." Hey, my Dad wasn't kidding when he told me someone made a movie based off his life, the prick. Oh well. Also starring Sharon Stone and Jessica Lange, which proves that Sharon Stone is now available for grandma roles.


  • Girls on the Bus featurette
  • Broken Flowers: Start to Finish featurette
  • Farmhouse featurette
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Soundtrack Information
  • Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation

Into the Blue - December 26

I doubt anyone really cared about this when it hit theatres, except for Jessica Alba fans and Paul Walker fans (yeah, that means you Jim Law). So here are the specs and of course, the gratuitous photos of Jessica Alba that you all come to expect from JoBlo.com. Except this time, we sum up Into The Blue in three panels. Enjoy.


  • Commentary with director John Stockwell
  • 10 deleted scenes with optional director commentary
  • Screen Tests featurette
  • Diving Deeper Into the Blue - making-of featurette
  • Preview trailers.

Jessica becomes upset; then she's real upset

But in the end, Jessica is happy and all smiles. We love you, Jessica! And your little tummy too!

Menu Shots

The Island

Red Eye


Stealth: The high flying, Maximum Overdrive rip off was so high flying and fast paced, you totally missed it at the theatres. 11/15

Tru Calling (S2): Why doesn't Fox understand that Eliza Dushku on TV = more young boys and men watching? Maybe because we only watch for five minutes. Okay, two minutes for me :( 11/15

Fantasy Island (S1): There's no other reason to feature this than to put up a "Tattoo" picture. De plane! 11/15

Oh, for the love of Herve!

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