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What a coincidence that on the day we announce our BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF DVD contest (we're giving away 10 copies, so enter now!!), several reports show up around the Net discussing the most recent wave of "wolf" attacks?? Strange. Anyway, read more about that story here.

By the way, for anyone who hasn't seen this movie yet, you gotta check it out! (comes out on video/dvd on Tuesday, October 2nd) If anything (even if you don't like it), it's original with a mix of various genres in one, like horror, kung-fu, period piece, thriller, romance and a few others. It's also French...whatever that means to you. To read my review of the film, click here, or here to read the Arrow's analysis. Either way, CLICK HERE to enter to win a free DVD for yourself or a loved one.

And if you got this far, you hopefully either read our reviews, entered the contest or read the bogus "wolf attack" story that I liked right up there. Heck, with online OFFICIAL MOVIE SITES looking so friggin' boring over the past couple of years, I thought it was pretty neat of this company to try something different. When will studios every learn that NOBODY gives a hoot about useless FLASH sites (drop it already...it sucks!) and that a story outline, cast pics and ten movie photos, do not an official site make.

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