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So I just saw The Ring


First off let me say, as I usually do when I share my thoughts on a movie, I'm not a film critic. JoBlo is a critic and a damn fine one at that. Also let me add that I'm not a horror aficionado; that's what Arrow in the Head does so well at his site. I'm just a fan of movies. So as I prepare to share a few thoughts after seeing THE RING last night, keep both those facts in mind...

Now I didn't see the original Japanese film RINGU this American version is based on, so I don't have a frame of reference. But I will tell you this - THE RING is scary, creepy, disturbing and overall unsettling. You leave the theater and it stays with you. It's in your thoughts as you get ready for bed, as you sleep and as you wake the next morning. It's not that "I'm afraid to look behind the shower curtain" type of feeling, just this blanket of dread that seems to hang over you. My wife, who saw the film with me, had freaky RING dreams all night long. Even as I sit here now the aftertaste is still lingering.

If my opinion alone isn't enough to convince you, let me tell you this. I saw the film on the Upper West Side with a theater full of loud, raucous and rambunctious kids. It wasn't the press screenings I'm accustom too, just one of those secret, DreamWorks screenings I was lucky enough to weasel my way into. They wanted the audience full of real people, not cycnical critics. As the lights went down the catcalls, laughs, talking, hoots, hollars and etc. continued and I thought I was in for a long evening. But this film shut this audience up. With the exception of some dick sitting in front of me bucking his seat back into my knees, the people in the theater were silenced by THE RING. And this was a tough audience.

Cause I'm not a critic I'm not going to go off about how great this was or how that was or what could've been done better. I'm just not good at that kind of writing (am I even good at this kind of writing?). But I will say this is one damn fine piece of horror cinema that will surely fuck with a few people's minds. The acting is good, the script is good, the look is GREAT and well the film is just...reaffirming. When you lose hope in Hollywood horror/thrillers after seeing trailers for films like GHOST SHIP, you see a movie as great as this and suddenly you feel better. A thoroughly effective horror film can still be made, even if it is an adaptation of a Japanese film. Long story short - go see THE RING.

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