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Factory Girl poster


Update: Thanks to Lovely_Head who pointed out in the strike backs below that this is a fake photoshop job. Check out the original pic over HERE. The silver lining here is that Sienna looks blisteringly hot. Yowza!

Factory Girl poster That picture to the right shows Sienna Miller (looking about a hundred shades hotter than she normally does) as Edie Sedgwick in what's apparently the first teaser poster for the upcoming biopic FACTORY GIRL. We haven't really reported too much on this movie so here's the official plot synopsis:

A beautiful, wealthy young party girl drops out of Harvard in 1965 and heads to New York to become Holly Golightly. When she meets a hungry young, artist named Andy Warhol, he promises to make her the star she always wanted to be. And like a super nova she explodes on the New York scene only to find herself slowly lose grip on reality…

Guy Pearce is playing Warhol in a cast that includes Jimmy Fallon and Hayden Christensen. Thanks to Alex for the pic. It opens in September.

Source: JoBlo.com



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