A better look at the Super 8 trailer gives us our first hidden clues

Originally we posted the bootleg trailer of SUPER 8 that premiered before IRON MAN 2 on Friday.

The bootleg obviously was decent cam quality, but it was a bit on the dark side nonetheless. Today, Apple released the trailer in glorious high quality, if it wasn't for this we would never find what was hidden within.

Check out the trailer again, then skip below for all the hidden stuff. To get an even closer look, head to Apple to see the trailer in HD.

Thanks heavens for Bloody Disgusting because I would have never seen this since I'm severely optically challenged. Right when the footage drops into the lens before the title card an image of a boy shows up:

Who is this boy?

Wait, there's more: A SUPER 8 fansite got a heads up that unfiction forums uncovered words within the trailer, "scariest thing I ever saw". They then decided to punch those words in leading them to a website which you can check out for yourself here.

A virtual PDP-11 computer pops up, if you prompt it to print you will get an interesting surprise message on your end. Also try clicking the second icon that appears to be a Xerox machine. I'm lame and don't have a printer so you'll have to check it out for me. To read the full details on the discoveries head to the fansite.

Extra Tidbit: If you uncover anything else, let us know and I will update.



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