A bloody new international trailer for Predators is here

I'm a sucker for a Predator movie. I love the original so much I have so much hope that one day we'll get a new Predator movie that is as good as PREDATOR was. That has proven more than difficult over the years but Robert Rodriguez is looking to turn the tide with PREDATORS.

Today we have a new international trailer for the film that features its fair share of blood and gore. It's a pretty solid look at what to expect and honestly I'm a little excited by it. But that said, at one point there were trailers that actually made me think both of the ALIEN VS. PREDATORS movies could be good. I'm not trying to compare this film to those films because I think they've done a lot to separate themselves from the unfortunate AVP legacy but just that I'm going into PREDATORS with cautious optimism.

Take a look at the new trailer below and let me know what you're thinking.

Extra Tidbit: There may be some spoilers in that trailer if you want to stay completely pure.
Source: IGN



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