A Chinese Cellular?

Is this some kind of weird karmic payback for all the times Hollywood plundered movie material from Asia?

Either way, it's working backwards: a Hong Kong remake of the mobile phone kidnapping thriller CELLULAR is being made. The Chinese version, called CONNECTED, features popular Hong Kong stars like Nick Cheung and Louis Koo, and comes from director Benny Chan, who has been responsible for glossy pop junk GEN-X COPS and recent Jackie Chan homeland fare like ROB-B-HOOD and NEW POLICE STORY.

The remake (from WB China and Emperor) will reportedly stick closely to that of the Chris Evans flick. For those who skipped it, the original movie revolves around a man who answers his ringing device to learn that a kidnapped woman is on the other end of the randomly-dialed phone, and he's her only lifeline. Hazards like a low battery, crappy service and obnoxious LA denizens stand in his way.

Really, China? All the movies that come from major American studios, and CELLULAR gets picked first for kickball? Apparently shit can flow against the current after all.
Extra Tidbit: CELLULAR was written by Larry Cohen, who also penned PHONE BOOTH. The guy loves communication devices!
Source: Variety



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