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Steve and Meryl, IT'S COMPLICATED

Is a Meryl Streep movie automatically Oscar-worthy? If so then Steve Martin is finally in luck, as the unlikely pair along with Alec Baldwin join forces for Nancy Meyer's latest romantic comedy IT'S COMPLICATED.

Written by Meyers herself, as for most of her films, story follows Streep as a recent divorcee who strikes up an affair with of all people her remarried ex-husband (Alec "Growing a Gut, Aren't We" Baldwin)  while being courted by a quirky Steve Martin-esque architect.

The movie opens on December 25th, perfectly timed for parents to enjoy while their kids are in the other room watching whichever latest 3D CG animation thinking itself on Pixar's level. Until then, here's the trailer which can also be viewed in HD Version here.

Extra Tidbit: 15 Oscar nominations for 2 wins. Other actresses shouldn't even bother when she's making a movie... They should just make a feminine Oscar statuette called Meryl, and a masculine one named Daniel Day-Lewis.



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