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Jun. 13, 2002by: Mike Sampson

Jason Lee could take off at any second. He's right on the cusp of having that kind of name recognition that can make an actor a huge star. I thought ALMOST FAMOUS might've done it for the guy, but that film didn't attract a huge theatrical audience. His work with Kevin Smith brought him a devoted following but he's yet to have that big break-out hit. Hopefully he can change all that this fall with his comedy A GUY THING. It certainly looks like it has all the makings of a hit. Besides Lee, the cast includes Julia Stiles and Selma Blair so the man's got a lot to work with. Haven't seen much on the film yet, but the official site just opened at and there's where you can find out what you're in for. It's a neat little flash site with all kinds of goodies to play around with like quizzes, a synopsis, downloads and some new stills. I've included a few of those shots below to whet your appetite. Check out the site and get ready for A GUY THING which hits theaters this September.

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Latest Movie News Headlines

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