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A handful of new Drive character banners have drifted onto the scene


If you've been reading my ramblings these past few months, then you know already that my DRIVE boner absolutely knows no bounds! We recently got an international trailer featuring the killer music track Nightcall by Kavinsky, and now we're being treated to six cool new character banners that you may soon catch strewn atop the streets of your city. Check 'em out below!

DRIVE opens September 16th, which is still too damn far away.

Synopsis: "Drive" is the story of a Hollywood stunt driver by day (Ryan Gosling), a loner by nature, who moonlights as a top-notch getaway driver-for-hire in the criminal underworld. He finds himself a target for some of LA's most dangerous men after agreeing to aid the husband of his beautiful neighbor, Irene (Carey Mulligan). When the job goes dangerously awry, the only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best--Drive!

Source: IMP Awards



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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