A holy rom-com?

Romantic comedies have been the source of a lot of criticism lately but what if there were one graced by Jesus himself? No, not that Jesus to the right (though that would make for a GREAT romantic comedy) but that Jesus, as in The Son of God. Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are planning PRODIGAL SON, a romantic comedy that would star Jesus. In the film, a woman falls in love with a caring carpenter who turns out to be Jesus Christ who has returned to Earth and is living in Los Angeles and working in Ikea. Oh this is gonna go over real well in the Bible Belt. Producer Gigi Grazer, Imagine head Brian Grazer's wife, acknowledged the difficulty of putting Jesus into a romantic comedy saying, "he won't be having sex." See, Hollywood isn't completely sacriligeous... Oddly Grazer says the idea came to hear when contemplating Britney Spears' vagina (seriously) and how it might be one of the signs of the apocalypse. Cause a Jesus romantic comedy is in no way, shape or form a sure sign of the apocalypse. Script writing is underway with Grazer writing with Mimi James.

Source: Variety



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